Thursday, August 30, 2007

You Sexy Thing...

Not me...or even Kevin...but our shiny brand new Dahon folding the two days that we've bicycled them around Block Island, we've been stopped by pedestrians, whistled at from cars (not kidding!) and commented on by small children ("daddy, those bikes are awesome"). All of these accolades come at a time when both Kevin and I have drastically reduced the amount of time we spend daily on grooming--otherwise known as "getting ready" or "primping". This means that I haven't worn make-up in over a week and Kevin hasn't shaved in almost as long. I supposed it's part of adapting to a world where hot water is a luxury and there just aren't enough mirrors to go around. On the one hand, it's incredibly freeing--I have toured around Block Island in workout clothes, sans fancy sunglasses, sans make-up, sans brushed hair and have felt quite content--quite an accomplishment for anyone who knows my vain self. On the other hand, I am almost jealous of the longing glances, catcalls and compliments our bikes have received since we arrived at Block...I guess it's all a matter of shifting vanity from what you look like to how you live...


Blogger Scott Kimbleton said...

I love the bike entry. Who ever thought a bike would be so sexy? Uh, any chance you could post a picture of the sexy...I mean functional bikes? ha-ha

September 12, 2007 at 10:44 AM  

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