Friday, November 9, 2007


Those of you who subscribe to our blog have probably noticed a lack of posts for almost two weeks now. The reason for the break in communication is that we've been sitting in Beaufort for a little over a week now frantically preparing to head offshore next Sunday (weather permitting). But Lizz, you might say, I thought you guys were planning to head down through Florida and then into the Caribbean...what's this talk of offshore passages? Well, further review of our original plan, now tempered with the experience of a few months cruising, convinced us that the best approach to getting down to the Caribbean would be to hop off at Beaufort, head across the Gulf Stream and then head directly for either the Tuks and Caicos or Puerto Rico (depending on the weather).

That rather substantial change to our original plan means several things. One, that I'm having dreams that involve me deciding to do something insane, like take up high diving as a profession...hmmm...wonder what that means....and two, that we're all of a sudden preparing the boat and ourselves for an extended offshore passage, which means that I've been frantically busy with tasks ranging from figuring out what licenses we need from the FCC to operate our SSB radio to ordering courtesy flags for every country we intend to visit (did I mention how much I love the internet in general and Google in particular?). Kevin has been incredibly busy as well, but his tasks mostly include wires, a tape measure and lots of cursing, so he'll have to fill you in on that.

Actually, in the last few days the initial frenzy has subsided a bit, and I think we're both actually starting to look forward to our departure date. I am still a bit distraught that we'll be mid-Ocean on Thanksgiving, but I guess we'll just have to celebrate when we get there...we've already earmarked the bottle of champagne that will be uncorked as soon as we drop the anchor for the first time in the warm clear waters of the Caribbean.


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