Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes!

What a difference a day makes.

I had a drastic lifestyle change in the 24 hours from 9:00 p.m. on Friday to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday. I went from sitting on the rooftop at my luxury high-rise in the Financial District in Manhattan, to sitting on a boat of the coast of Culebra a small Caribbean island.

It all started with a March 29th text from Lizz.

Lizz: Dude… any interest in coming down to the Caribbean and sailing back to the states w/ us?

It took me a few days to sort out the details, but I had a ticket from JFK to San Juan Puerto Rico for April 26th within a week and sorted out work to allow for about a month on Cielo. Friday I moved into my new apartment in the financial district and had a small get together with friends and took off for an early flight to San Juan.

Kevin and Lizz met me at the airport and we ran some errands in San Juan before jumping on an hour-long ferry to Culebra – a small island off the cost of PR. When we were in the dingy on the way out to Cielo, it was pouring rain, so we were completely soaked by the time we boarded the boat.

We met a cool couple from L.A. – Eric and Priscilla – in the best pizza joint in Culebra and they joined us on our trip to Culebrita. On our way to Culebrita, Kevin caught a tuna. Culebrita is an uninhabited island with a killer beach. We all spent the day snorkeling, throwing frisbee and drinking beers on the beach. For dinner we ate the tuna that Kevin caught in a delicious sauce. There is something very primal about catching something from the sea and eating it that night… I promise it tastes better.

That evening Eric and Priscilla went to bed and we stayed up to watch the worst George Clooney movie of all time… The Perfect Storm. This is a film that had the potential to insight fear in a group of people that will be sailing the Atlantic for an extended period, such as the crew on Cielo… but fortunately for us the poor writing/acting made it more comical than fearful. The cool thing about watching the movie is that we were on a boat in a storm… so we were in a full sensory experience viewing of The Perfect Storm, including the rocking boat, lighting flashes and thunder.

Life on the boat is slow and ultimately relaxing… I am making the adjustment, but what a difference a day makes!


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