Monday, January 12, 2009

Something to Blog About

As of Wednesday, Kevin and I will have been in South Beach for a month...and it's been almost that long since we've posted anything to our blog. Coincidence? I think not. It's not that we haven't been having a wonderful time. The weather here is truly perfect, the beach and boardwalk are great for walking/running, there are tons of restaurants and bars serving just about anything you could want, and the large Latino community makes practicing Spanish a snap. In short, life is good.

The biggest reason for the radio silence is that since we arrived, we haven't been sailing, and for the last few weeks, we haven't even been living aboard. Rather we've been staying with a good (and extremely generous) friend, so posting entries to a blog about life aboard seems a bit silly. Our lives have mostly been centered on getting work done with our respective jobs, fixing the generator which keeps deciding to die and catching up with friends who live in the area--not exactly the stuff of riveting blogs. We've always said that we'd spare our readers the pain of reading about the truly mundane, so hence, no recent blogs, and likely not many more for the next two weeks.

By the end of January though, we should be moving south again and back to posting on a more regular basis. We'll spend several weeks in the Keys before sailing nearly 600 miles to the Bay Islands of Honduras by the end of February. From there, it's on to Guatemala, Belize and then Mexico before the start of hurricane season. And after that, well, we're not quite sure. We may be heading out to San Francisco, or back to Florida, or maybe doing something else entirely. And we'll certainly keep you posted. So if nothing else, our continuing lack of a long term plan will give us something to blog about.