Friday, August 31, 2007

Gearing up to scrape barnacles off Cielo's propeller

Kevin looks pretty silly....

but not as silly as me! Clearly I was only excited for this adventure until I experienced the freezing cold water in Great Salt Pond at Block Island.
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Settling In

We're still in Block Island, and we're starting to get used to our new lifestyle. This morning we dinghied over to New Harbor with our bikes and backpacks, and I sat here at Aldo's** with the laptop while Lizz went for a run. We've been waiting for good weather to head on to somewhere else, which it looks like we'll get tomorrow when we'll head to Shelter Island in 15-20 knot winds. I feel like we're barely making a dent in the still extensive list of boat projects, and I'm not really bothered. I'm more relaxed than I can remember being, and I think that's the most important thing.

All this is only mildly tarnished by a gland swollen to the size of a golf ball, a casualty of diving underwater to assess the damage we did when we grounded at the Thimble Islands. I need a prescription of antibiotics, which has to be flown in from mainland Rhode Island at a whopping cost of $4.

**Aldo's is a little Italian bakery in Old Harbor. They come out into the anchorage every morning and evening and sell pastries and pies from their launch. We wake every morning to their cries of "Andiamo!".

Thursday, August 30, 2007

You Sexy Thing...

Not me...or even Kevin...but our shiny brand new Dahon folding the two days that we've bicycled them around Block Island, we've been stopped by pedestrians, whistled at from cars (not kidding!) and commented on by small children ("daddy, those bikes are awesome"). All of these accolades come at a time when both Kevin and I have drastically reduced the amount of time we spend daily on grooming--otherwise known as "getting ready" or "primping". This means that I haven't worn make-up in over a week and Kevin hasn't shaved in almost as long. I supposed it's part of adapting to a world where hot water is a luxury and there just aren't enough mirrors to go around. On the one hand, it's incredibly freeing--I have toured around Block Island in workout clothes, sans fancy sunglasses, sans make-up, sans brushed hair and have felt quite content--quite an accomplishment for anyone who knows my vain self. On the other hand, I am almost jealous of the longing glances, catcalls and compliments our bikes have received since we arrived at Block...I guess it's all a matter of shifting vanity from what you look like to how you live...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Departure Day!!

The day has finally arrived! We left the marina at about 9:30 Saturday, August 25th, and headed out with the tide. First stop: the Thimble Islands.

Photo credits go to our new friends Mike and Dina aboard Migrations. They have shown us more kindness than we can even begin to figure out how to repay. Thanks guys, we'll see you out there soon!
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The price of freedom

As of this past Friday, Kevin and I became homeless in the traditional sense as our lease has ended and we're now living full-time on Cielo docked at the marina in Stamford. We have spent much of this week figuring out how stuff that fit nicely into an 1,100 square foot apartment gets stored on a 40 foot boat. Amazingly enough, so far we've pretty much found a place for everything (though I've had to talk Kevin out bringing several items of clothing, including a suit...I mean, who brings a suit to sail around the world...I know, I know...Kevin does). Next week we'll be getting Cielo cleaned up and attending to a few last minute projects and then making our way either down to NYC or potentially up to Block Island for a few days. Either way, we should definitely be in New York by the end of August, and will probably spend a week or two visiting friends and and making every attempt to avoid the $15 cocktail, as the reality of no full-time income is beginning to set in. I feel a bit like I did back in college (let's see....if I buy six rolls of toilet paper, I can save $1.75) when price was an important factor in most decisions made. But as I sit here in the cockpit in the middle of the day on a Thursday watching the ducks paddle by Cielo's stern, I'm also starting to experience that other feeling that was so prevelant in college--that gidiness that comes when you have total freedom and endless possibility before you. And I'll trade that feeling for the need to price out toilet paper any day.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Slowly Getting There @ 1,000 mph

This is the last week at work for both of us, next to last week with a home on land, and we've got 30 days and counting!! We've got a million things left to do and we're both trying not to freak out. It feels like we're running around like crazy but only slowly working through the to-do list. We are getting there though. We'll get this website updated with a location map and more detail as soon as we get a chance - it will probably be a couple weeks.

In the meantime, it looks like we'll see many of you this weekend at the Christening/Engagement party. Looking forward to it!