Saturday, October 10, 2015

Such a Long, Long Time....

What a poor, sad, neglected blog this has been.  I can't believe it's been 6+ years since our last post.  This blog was only ever to be about travel, but still, we've been remiss posting a few minor things.  Our wedding.  Bringing Cielo up to the Chesapeake from Florida (750 miles of straight motoring in the Gulf Stream).  Trekking in Nepal.  Australia and South Africa.  Getting poor lonely Cielo back in the water and up to Maine for the summer of 2013.  And lots of dirt-dwelling in between.

So why the post now, after six years of radio silence?  Well, this:

She is Occam's Razor.  We decided to double-down and go for two hulls for our circumnavigation.  Which has, logically, prompted this:  we're selling Cielo.  It hurts to even read that, much less write it.  But we take solace in the hope that our lovely, safe, trustworthy friend who has looked after us so well and shown us so much, that she will do the same for a new family.  We've put so much love and work into her, and she is such a lovely vessel.  She's spent far too much of the past six years resting on the hard for a boat that wants nothing but blue water. 

So if you know anyone looking for a boat to go cruising, point her to this:  Selling Cielo.  She is almost perfect.  We will miss her dearly.